Gillan Tidune

CEO at Banyan Water
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Gillan Taddune is the CEO at Banyan Water. She believes that technology solutions are the most effective way to address critical natural resource issues and has dedicated her career to realizing that vision. Gillan came to Banyan with the belief that water scarcity is a growing global concern and that sustainable water solutions must be adopted to address this critical issue.

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  • We’ve reached a critical tipping point for water conservation as worsening droughts grip the nation and cities confront strained resources, aging water infrastructures, rising water rates and population growth. Water is a finite resource. We can’t wait until we run out to create meaningful change in water management. If enterprise leaders don’t take responsible action now, they risk dangerous consequences that could last for generations. Banyan Water is proud to deploy intelligent water software solutions that have saved 4 billion gallons of water for our customers.

    12 September 2021
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