Gillian Scott-Ward

Director at Back to Natural
On the record

Gillian Scott-Ward is the Director at Back to Natural. Gillian is a practicing Clinical Psychologist and documentary filmmaker focused on building community and healing spaces. She was inspired to embark on this film after deciding to start her own natural hair journey. She brings to the film experience as an artist and healer. Gillian's ability to help others tap into, explore and share difficult emotions gives the narrative of this film depth. She hopes this film inspires reflection, compassion, and healing of racial-trauma, globally.

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  • From an early age, people get the message — people across the globe, across races and classes — about what is seen as professional and beautiful and what’s not. Although it’s changing, by large, the messages and images you see idealized as professional are generally of white people and generally of straight hair.

    4 January 2022