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CEO and Founder at Ginger Media & Entertainment
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Ginger Liu is a Ph.D. Researcher in Artificial Intelligence arts media. She is a writer and researcher of AI death technology, AI grief technology, digital afterlife, grief bots, AI personas, AI video, photography applications, AI and Hollywood, AI art, AI policy/regulation/copyright, and AI cybersecurity. She has consulted and interviewed on AI grief and death tech for Ch4 News, documentaries, and articles. Podcast producer/reporter/presenter for Cybersecurity News. Podcast Producer - The Digital Afterlife of Grief.

She holds an MFA in Photography and a BA (Hons) in Contemporary Media Practice. Her research and expertise are in emerging technologies -specifically generative ai in grief technology, death tech startups, AI photography and visual media, Hollywood and technology, AI policy, AI cybersecurity. She is the CEO and Founder of Hollywood's Ginger Media & Entertainment and is an expert in working in the film industry, arts, entertainment, and communication. Ginger is a writer, publisher, and author. Her photography and films have been exhibited and screened internationally. She is the host and producer of The Digital Afterlife of Grief podcast. Ginger Liu is an American and British entrepreneur, artist, and academic.

Ginger Liu is the CEO/Founder of Ginger Media & Entertainment – a Hollywood and international independent film production company and PR marketing agency. She is a writer, author, podcaster, and founding editor of Inside Hollywood Examiner, and her reviews and interviews have been published internationally.

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