Glenn Brill

Managing Director at FTI Consulting
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Glenn Brill specializes in real estate finance and transaction management. Mr. Brill has over 25 years of experience with strong expertise in development and operations for office, retail, multifamily and mixed-use assets. He is skilled in a diverse range of real estate and program management disciplines, including stakeholder and client relations, market and financial analysis, appraisal review and valuation, benchmarking, project management oversight and strategic planning for retail, corporate real estate and mixed-use development. His experience also includes cash flow underwriting, valuation, restructuring, and management of the sale of large-scale debt portfolios including performing and non-performing commercial real estate senior and mezzanine loans.

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  • Industrial is a nice cash-flowing business and probably one of the lowest risk category of real estate. It can be perceived as a core asset under the right circumstances because it is relatively low risk and cash flowing. By comparison, in the office market, every major employer is rethinking its office needs, making office investment an iffier proposition. You can't continue to pack people in like sardines. The recovery or growth of office into the future is a bit of a question mark while the demand for industrial space is strong.

    21 April 2021