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I am a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) in Los Angeles. I am a driven and passionate Latina who believes in humanizing finance and destigmatizing wealth.

As a financial planner, I found where my passion for helping mi gente and my interests in finances intertwined. From a young age, I noticed the power and the impact financial literacy can have on individuals. Without knowing any different, growing up I was exposed to the lack of financial knowledge my family had and its effects. I now want to live a life where I can help others end the cycles of financial unfamiliarity that I endured in hopes of creating new cycles of financial independence.

I am a bicultural individual who connects with people through authenticity and is passionate about the stories that make up a person and their financial situation. My background and cultural competence allow me to provide holistic, curated, and effective advice. I am mindful of the power of intentionality and a personal connection in creating a profound impact.

I am an advocate for financial literacy and empowerment because I believe an educational and behavioral approach sets the foundation for transformative and long-term results. I am a big believer in goal-based financial planning where you can align money with your values, hone in on your enough, and use money as a tool to live your best life.

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  • Although there are various ways to lower your mortgage payments, Garcia recommends starting with an old-fashioned review of your budget, "Mortgages tend to be an individual's highest expense, but there are others one can reflect on." She recommends reviewing your spending and budget in search of unnecessary expenses. If you're still coming up short after trimming all you can, then Garcia recommends reaching out to your lender

  • “I don't think people realize the impact the gender wealth gap can have on our lifetime earnings,” says Gloria Carcia Cisneros, a certified financial planner and wealth manager at Lourd Murray. “When you start with a lower base salary, it means that for all the subsequent pay increases, you are getting less than someone who is getting the same percentage increase, but has negotiated higher pay from the beginning. The earlier the better, make sure you start negotiating in your 20s and 30s to take advantage of the exponential growth.”

  • Saving money while living paycheck to paycheck is an almost impossible feat for many Gen Zers. With wages stagnating and the cost of housing, education and everyday essentials rising, this young generation has little room for savings.

    “Housing is the most unaffordable we’ve seen in my lifetime and we still feel the weight of increased prices that came from higher inflationary times in the past couple of years,” said Gloria Garcia Cisneros, Gen Zer and CFP at LourdMurray. “This is exacerbated in larger cities, where rent can make up a large part (40-50%) of young individuals’ monthly expenses.”

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