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Graham Betchart is one of the world’s leading mental performance coaches. He has worked with some of the NBA’s best athletes including Aaron Gordon, Ben Simmons, Karl Anthony Towns, and Andrew Wiggins (to name a few) and professional organizations such as True Ventures, Silicon Valley Bank, and the Utah Jazz.

Graham creates blockbuster companies, training programs, and online courses to help athletes, coaches, parents, entrepreneurs, and working professionals take their mental game to the next level. He is also the author of Play Present: A Mental Skills Training Program for Basketball Players. His mission is to bring mental training to the masses so that anyone (not just professional athletes and CEOs) can learn to perform better, and experience more joy in the process.

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  • Mindset is such a huge part of performance. In the NBA, everyone is athletic and skilled with an incredible body, so what’s the difference? What separates players from one another? Mindset. More and more people are realizing this now.

    18 February 2022