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VP, Growth and Product at Atom
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Grant is the Director of Marketing at Squadhelp. He has authored numerous articles (including more than 100 guest posts), ebooks, and books on branding and marketing, such as How to Choose the Best Name for your Brand (AdWeek), How to Develop the Perfect Name for Just About Anything (ebook), The Ultimate Guide: How to Come Up With a Business Name, and Dumbing Us Down: Stop the Google Love and Start Smart Marketing.

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  • They can strongly back Dr.Oz and support why they believe he personally aligns with their brand, with the hope that they can build that alignment with who they are, who he is, and what their audience wants. Alternatively, if they do believe the audience is correct and there is a dissonance, then they need to consider finding someone who fits the brand and audience better. Whether a company, television show, or even a personal brand, we believe that the number one principle in branding is alignment. This starts with the alignment of your company mission with your audience and all of the brand elements that you create.

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