Grant Wernick

CEO & Co-Founder at Fletch
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Grant Wernick is the CEO & Founder of three successful tech ventures, his most recent being Fletch, which is in closed beta now. Grant is passionate about inventing technology and building companies that make it possible for anyone to be able to interact with and extract meaningful insights from data. He has 10 years of experience in natural language processing and 8+ years of experience building products in the cybersecurity space.

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  • Thanks to the accelerated technological transformation that COVID has brought on to every company, the need for security engineers is at an all-time high. As you make your decision to join a company, look for those who have the latest stack, are in the cloud, and are investing in the latest technologies so you can practice your analytical thinking skills and not get stuck doing data plumbing all day.

    2 June 2021
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