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CEO and Founder at StarNews Mobile
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Guy is the Founder and CEO of StarNews Mobile, a network of addictive mobile video channels that is successfully monetizing video content in Africa, the world's fastest growing mobile market. He started his career supplying network equipment to mobile operators and ISPs in developing markets as Founder of Globaltech Ventures. After that, he entered the Value Added Services space by founding Mobile-XL, a mobile SaaS company servicing markets in India, Africa and the Middle East.

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  • Mobile users in Africa have significantly less access to entertainment due to expensive data plans and lacking content tailored to their region. With the addition of Black & Sexy TV to our network, not only is this the first time we have released U.S. entertainment in South Africa, but it is also the first time we have released serialized content on the continent. We are now offering fans previously unattainable content that they love and want. We’re excited to expand our partnerships and project huge growth in the next few months.

    9 March 2021
  • Our main objective is to partner with the local government and our partner MTN to expand the project across all nine provinces in South Africa and to hopefully implement the same strategy in other territories within the African continent.

    9 March 2021
  • We are filling the gap to help African content producers generate income. A lot of the entertainment platforms do not pay creators or they consume so much data that they aren’t suitable nor do their revenue models cater to the marketplace.Today, StarNews has become a substantial income source for many artists. This year with the pandemic, several artists were unable to tour so that is where we come in to help supplement income and offer a revolutionary way to create and monetize artist content.

    9 March 2021
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