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I grew up with my identical twin—which, of course, made me an expert at spotting favoritism. So when I became a psychologist it didn’t take me long to recognize how much we favor our physical health over our emotional health. For example, if we get a cut we can tell just by looking at it whether we need a bandage, a stitch, or an ambulance. But when we sustain an emotional wound like rejection or failure, we have no idea how to gauge whether the wound is deep or whether it requires emotional first aid and few of us would know how to ‘treat’ it ourselves if it did.

As a psychologist I find that unacceptable. Our physical health and our emotional health are the twins of our general wellbeing, and as such, we should treat them equally.

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  • Covid-19 has impacted everyone’s relationships, especially those who live with their significant others. The stresses of living through a pandemic combined with the increased time spent together and at home has contributed to spikes in break-ups. These separations have a massive impact on mental wellbeing and more than ever, people need a way to connect with others who know what they are going through in order to practice emotional first aid.

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