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CEO and founder at Returnado
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Haider Abdo is the founder and CEO of Returnado, a company offering a returns-solution that helps some of the biggest online-merchants in the nordics turn their return into their competitive edge. Returnado saves online merchants the majority of their operational costs related to returns, creates a better customer journey and generates new revenue.

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  • Even before the pandemic, nobody was really looking at how to make returns more of an enjoyable or even valuable experience. But since lockdown, people may well choose whether they continue to use a brand, or not, based on how easy it is to send items back.

    15 April 2021
  • As e-commerce sales reach an all-time high this year, returns have proven an even bigger issue for retailers to tackle than ever. The effect of getting this wrong, to their bottom line, is becoming increasingly apparent – and that’s before even considering the wider damage that can be had on customer loyalty. With up to 50% of all items being returned, many are already having to play catch up to improve this service.

    15 April 2021
  • We spoke to one EU company that generates labels for shipping and they said 80% of their clients hadn't yet filled out the forms to meet the new requirements. That accounts for several hundred thousands of retailer shipments to the UK every month.

    15 April 2021
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