Hannah Kowalski

Co-Founder and CEO at Konscious Keto
On the record

Hannah Kowalski is the Co-Founder of Koncious Keto, a one-stop-shop to create an enjoyable, sustainable Keto lifestyle by combining AI-powered, customized meal plans with advanced health supplements and personalized coaching to promote metabolic, and cognitive health and take the guesswork out of Keto. Hannah is a serial entrepreneur, having created several successful businesses in ecommerce and digital marketing.

Hannah began her career in finance, where she joined MFS Investments Management, the biggest mutual fund in the United States, in an analyst program. She quickly realized that the corporate world was not the right fit and started her entrepreneurial journey with her first business, TrueBlue Processing. TrueBlue was an online payment brokerage firm, from which Hannah earned her first $1 million profit at the age of 26 years old.

A couple of years later, Hannah decided to pivot her career from finance after discovering her passion for wellness, beauty, and longevity. She went on to create several profitable brands in this space, including Iris in skincare, Space Brand in personal health, and Konscious Keto – Hannah’s most impactful project yet – which has served over 650,000 customers worldwide.

Over 70% of Americans are overweight, and the issues of obesity and diabetes are very personal to Hannah as she has experienced health issues related to diabetes within her family. Hannah is on a mission to help as many people on their health journeys as possible, and raise awareness about the benefits and the unique metabolic state of a ketogenic lifestyle.

Outside of business, Hannah is passionate about music making, traveling, interior decorating, real estate investing, and supporting other female entrepreneurs. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Economics, Math, Statistics, and Arts from Mount Holyoke College.