Hans Eriksson

Chief Clinical Development Officer at HMNC Brain Health
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Experienced drug developer and clinical psychiatrist with more than 20 years pharma industry background (UK, Denmark, Sweden and USA); working as a medical specialist in a global marketing organization, as marketing company medical director, as line manager within clinical development, as the global medical director for a major brand (Seroquel), as chief specialist within clinical development and as chief medical officer.

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  • As a clinical psychiatrist, I was struck by the fact that depressed patients have many different manifestations. Some may be sad, have low energy and eat and sleep a lot, while others with the same condition may be irritable, agitated, eat less and wake up early. It was a struggle to understand whether the same biology was at work. Until recently, we lacked tools (to do that).

  • I've always been perplexed at how we are supposed to treat all these manifestations with the same treatment. It has very much been a one-size-fits-all [approach] in the pharma industry.

  • Genetic tests in combination with treatment are a common protocol in other medical areas such as oncology, but it’s a novelty in psychiatry. The ability to apply this combined concept in depression therapy has the potential to be a significant breakthrough in the treatment of mental health disorders.

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