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Co-founder and advisory board member at DrawBridge Health
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Harry Glorikian is an influential global business expert with more than three decades of experience building successful ventures in North America, Europe, Asia and the rest of the world. Harry is well known for achievements in life sciences, healthcare, diagnostics, healthcare IT and the convergence of these areas. He is a sought-after speaker, frequently quoted in the media, and regularly asked to assess, influence, and be part of innovative concepts and trends.

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  • As shown in this latest study, the use of wearable tech has become more commonplace in consumer healthcare, with arrhythmia management an area of particular focus. Household brands such as Apple, Samsung, and FitBit, whose devices are already widely in circulation, are now vying with medical device developers to bring wearables into clinical use. We are witnessing an important inflection point in how healthcare will be delivered going forward with significantly more data captured by patients outside of the traditional boundaries of the medical establishment.

    17 November 2021
  • Healthcare organizations that manage this flood of data effectively set themselves up to take advantage of valuable new capabilities. For example, data could also be mined for signals that would identify things such as new disease states.

    30 October 2021
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    Co-founder and advisory board member