Heather Stratford

Founder and CEO at Drip7
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Heather is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Drip7. Heather is a thought-leader in the IT Training and cybersecurity field. She keynotes at conferences, universities, and for enterprise clients. She writes on cybersecurity and has been featured and written for such global organizations as the 2018 G7 Summit held in Canada. Heather has led technology teams throughout her career, which spanned the fields of publishing, manufacturing, technology, food services, contractor services, and transportation.

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  • The Colonial Pipeline disaster taught us that people are the main entry point for cybersecurity attacks. The ‘person’ is what needs to be ‘fixed’ or focused on when it comes to cybersecurity awareness, and this change generally does not happen overnight. Changing behavior is built on small incremental improvements, which over time tighten the control limits to improve behavior and minimize risk.

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