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Co-Founder and CEO at RebateKey
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After running, growing and selling multiple successful companies, Ian have transitioned into helping existing companies grow and scale their online eCommerce business through different distribution channels and utilizing the latest internet marketing tactics. He specializes in helping companies discover profitable products that their target customers desire and help to promote them while always focusing on increasing ROI and margins.

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  • Wwhat makes the 935 awesome, though, is the fact that this model supports a ton of different sports tracking and has a great companion software called Garmin Connect. Garmin Connect lets you track your workouts, design and plan your training schedule, and connect to other programs like Strava. As someone who loves sports, I really appreciate having this all-in-one solution.

    17 March 2021
  • As a longtime Amazon seller, I personally understand the hurdles a seller goes through to get their products in front of customers. We've taken the old mail-in rebate model and updated it for e-commerce. Another benefit is our customers pay full price upfront, thus demonstrating clear interest in trying out the product, not just bargain-seeking.

    17 March 2021
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