Ira Epstein

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Ira Epstein has been in the futures industry since 1969.

He began his career as “runner” on the floor of the Chicago Mercantile culminating his “floor” career with his becoming a floor trader many years back. Ira always liked working with retail and commercial clients more than standing in the trading pits. He worked at establishing a significant client base and in 1984, Ira decided to open his own brokerage firm, Ira Epstein & Company.

Today, with his staff, he operates the Ira Epstein Division of Linn & Associates

Many of our firm’s brokers have over 30-years continuous hands on trading experience with their client base. No matter how technology changes the methods of entering orders, there's little in the way of replacement for having "been there and done that before". It's the blend of services and know how that we bring to our clients.

Be it education, market research trading platforms, or brokerage know how, we work hard provide to you with unique solutions.

Ira’s market know-how and opinions are on display regularly on:
Fox Business News
Bloomberg TV
Sky Business TV
BNN in Canada
Dow Jones Newswires
The Wall Street Journal
and a host of websites

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