Isabel Aagaard

Co-founder & Co-Designer at LastObject
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Isabel Aagaard, 30, is a Co-founder and Designer at LastObject. Isabel graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Architecture, Design, and Conservation in 2016.

Her mission is to create durable and well-designed products that are reusable. When she and her team discovered the harmful effects of single-use cotton swabs on the environment, they started working on a solution to fix it. In April 2019, they launched LastSwab, the first sanitary, reusable alternative to cotton swabs.

LastSwab was followed by LastTissue, which aims to bring the handkerchief back and stop the waste caused by single-use tissues, and most recently by LastRound, a set of six reusable, washable make-up pads. One by one, Isabel is tackling the single-use items that have become an unfortunate part of our daily routine.

Isabel lives in Copenhagen, Denmark with her husband and their baby boy.

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