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Certified Sex Expert, Site Manager, and Writer at Bedbible
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Certified Sex Expert with two psychology-based degrees, working as site manager and writer for sex-positive website

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  • I think there is a misconception that a good sex life is a given but, in reality, it takes effort and dedication to create a consistently good sex life — it’s definitely worth it though. Making a yes, no, maybe list can serve as inspiration for new things you both want to try. Each partner makes a list of things they want to try, a list of things they might be open to and a list of things that are off-limits. You can then compare to find activities that excite you both. This might sound pretty unsexy, but scheduling regular times to be intimate can help you prioritise sex and make sure it doesn’t get overlooked in your busy schedules. It can also be a great way to plan out trying new things together and build anticipation in the lead-up. Having sex regularly can also help increase your desire for sex, so it’s a real win-win! Using sex toys together can add some excitement and allow you both to experience new sensations. There are so many options out there to help you explore your fantasies that there really is something for everyone. Shopping online for a new sex toy together can help ease any apprehensions and might even get you in the mood there and then.

    25 December 2022
  • Firstly, you can squeeze your thighs together or cross your legs over during penetrative sex.

    25 December 2022
  • Not only is spooning one of the cosiest sex positions out there, but it’s also one of the quietes. Assume the spooning position, so the big spoon can enter the little spoon from behind, using their arms to hold their partner close. The receiving partner can use their free hand to stimulate their clitoris or penis for even more of the good stuff! In this position, the penetrating partner can make the most of the closeness by lavishing their partner’s neck with kisses, particularly the sensitive areas on the side of the neck and the ears. Opt for grinding rather than thrusting as it is much quieter, and as a bonus, it provides increased clitoral stimulation.

    25 December 2022
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