Israel Krush

CEO at Hyro
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CEO & Co-Founder at Hyro. Intelligence officer, team leader, software engineer and a product manager.

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  • Hyro is pushing the reset button on chatbots and IVR systems. We’re reinventing the way companies and their customers interact by offering adaptive communications, as opposed to intent-based solutions that often break. Chatbots have become a mainstay within customer engagement, but because many are intent-based, they constantly need to be retrained and have limited ability to scale, which forces the enterprise to slow down while also alienating its customers. This funding round enables us to further establish ourselves as the leading Adaptive Communications Platform in high-growth sectors looking to automate valuable interactions at scale. I’m also excited to add Twilio, the leading cloud communications platform, as an investor in our fresh approach to conversational AI, and I’m looking forward to a partnership rooted in better, more adaptive solutions for enterprises and their customers.

    17 June 2021
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