Israel Krush

CEO at Hyro
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CEO & Co-Founder at Hyro. Intelligence officer, team leader, software engineer and a product manager.

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  • Hyro is pushing the reset button on chatbots and IVR systems. We’re reinventing the way companies and their customers interact by offering adaptive communications, as opposed to intent-based solutions that often break.

    13 September 2021
  • When the pandemic struck last February, the biggest fear was that hospitals would be inundated with infected patients; but, today, with the warp-speed availability of COVID-19 vaccines, that fear has shifted from hospital ICU overload to overload of hospital switchboards

    13 September 2021
  • The market is crowded so it’s really hard to differentiate yourself from the crowd. Even though we have great technology, everyone says they have great technology. Twilio coming into this round and the partnership we’re trying to develop around contact centers really attests to the differentiation of our approach, to the scalability and the modularity of our approach.

    13 September 2021
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