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Siran is the Co-founder/CEO of Mirza. She firmly believes in the potential in business to be a force for good, and with the right match for bottom line and positive social impact, to plant the seeds for structural change. Siran graduated with a degree in Gender Studies from Harvard and had expected to go into academia or nonprofit, but what started as a short skills pursuit in the private sector turned into a passion for leadership, management, and operations. Siran built the driver support organization for Uber in New York and oversaw the support business for the US Northeast, before moving to London for a degree in Social Business & Entrepreneurship at the London School of Economics. With Mirza, she’s gone full circle and looks forward to bringing together her passions: women’s empowerment, structural change, and building a company of the future.

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  • I’m an immigrant and daughter of a single mother. To provide for our family, to raise me in the States, my mother had to learn a new profession at night while holding down a job during the day. There’s a reason for that night school - American families effectively need dual incomes in order to be “middle class.” And for single parents, it’s all on you. I definitely spent a lot of time home alone, because childcare is inaccessible, unaffordable - roughly a third of the median income - and it was the necessary choice to provide for the family. Today, my mom is a bank Comptroller. This taught me the value of women’s financial empowerment, the dignity in our careers, and just how crucial childcare is.

    27 February 2021
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