Ivan Panchenko

co-founder and deputy CEO at Postgres Professional
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Ivan has graduated from the Faculty of Physics of Lomonosov Moscow State University in 1994. In 1997 he got his PhD in Physical and Mathematical Sciences. Since 1996 Ivan works on developing high performance business applications, started using PostgreSQL in 1998. Worked as Head of Content Projects development in Rambler Internet Holding, Development Director in Stack Group, Director of Technology in the Moy Mir social network (one of Mail.Ru projects). Ivan also took part in development of kassir.ru entertainment ticketing service, HSE internet portal and other business and Web applications.

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  • In the past, a tech pro could use one technology for a decade β€” it’s no longer the case. Innovations come at a faster pace. A bad design decision, an acquisition by a competitor, a license change β€” and previously popular languages and frameworks start losing their users. Now all leading tech companies are adding second and third programming languages in the desired skills sections of their job descriptions. Senior software developers often switch to 100% new technology stacks in just months and succeed in their new roles.

    6 February 2022
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