Izik Lavy

CEO at GeoX
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Izik oversees the operations of GEOX. He is a veteran of the IDF’s intelligence unit 9900, where he gained a world-class experience leading the AI team to develop solutions in the geospatial field of Military Intelligence. Izik identified the lack of automation in objects’ extraction from aerial imagery and developed patented algorithms to solve this challenge.

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  • Our machine vision and deep learning technology opens a new generation of accuracy and richness of built environment data, providing a leap forward for Geoscape compared to the technologies used so far.

  • A more proactive approach to risk management, highlighting opportunities for preventative measures, is required to better align products to customer needs; and GeoX provides 3D property intelligence and insights that enable this.

  • This is one of the most extensive projects in world in terms of in-depth mapping of residential buildings. The data that is supplied by our technology gives essential information to insurance companies for future risk assessment for the sake of deciding the heights of buildings, tracking changes made to insured properties, the optimal spreading of cellular antennae, evalutaion of electricity output expected from panels on roofs and more.

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