Jacob Loveless

CEO at Edgemesh and 3 other companies
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Jacob Loveless is the CEO of Edgemesh, a global web acceleration company that empowers ecommerce brands to deliver faster, more streamlined websites. Edgemesh helps companies measure, optimize and accelerate their customer web experiences. The company's adaptive client side optimization platform uses data from real user metrics to automatically tune and optimize web page loading across all devices and geographies. Edgemesh enables sites to run 2-10x faster - all with a single line of code added to the site.

He has over 15 years of experience in developing and operating large scale telecommunications and cloud computing companies, with a particular focus on financial systems.

Prior to Edgemesh, Jacob spent 3 years as the Chief Executive Officer of Lucera, the financial services infrastructure company. Today, Lucera operates the largest Software Defined Network within financial services. Prior to Lucera, Jacob was a senior partner and head of fully automated trading at Cantor Fitzgerald and Company.