Jake Bolling

Co-Founder & CEO at Skupos
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Jake Bolling is the co-founder & CEO of SKUPOS Inc. Prior to co-founding SKUPOS, Jake spent his career developing supply chain solutions for Fortune 100 companies in China. He was also the founder of a CPG company that is widely distributed and sold in the convenience store industry.

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  • Joining forces with a high-profile and beloved brand like 5-hour ENERGY® shots underscores the challenges even the most successful manufacturers have with sales and marketing outside large format retailers. Skupos Engage is the only platform in the market intended specifically to help independent retailers compete with national chains, and to empower brands of all sizes to measure and optimize promotions at scale in a lucrative market segment that has historically been a black hole of visibility.

    5 June 2021
  • Start with volume — what products are selling week over week and at what volume. Also, what is not selling and taking up expensive shelf space.

    5 June 2021
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