Jacob Olcott

Vice President, Communications and Government Affairs at BitSight
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Jacob Olcott is Vice President at BitSight Technologies, where he helps organizations benchmark their cybersecurity programs using quantitative metrics. Olcott speaks and writes about the role of directors, officers and executives in cyber-risk management. His paper, “The Board’s Role in Cybersecurity,” was published in 2014 by the Conference Board.

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  • Departments and agencies who have the responsibility for overseeing critical infrastructure often rely on information that is voluntarily shared. And the infrequency of some of this data sharing contributes to a lack of broad situational awareness.

    4 December 2021
  • While some sectors may have higher rates of vulnerability -- the government sector, for example, had the highest rates of vulnerable Microsoft Servers when we first started tracking the issue -- we observe organizations of all sizes in every sector that struggle to effectively manage their security performance.

    10 October 2021
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