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I am TrendSpider’s Chief Market Analyst and Evangelist as well as a founding team member at TrendSpider. I have been fascinated with the stock market since middle school and have been trading as a hobby since this time. In highschool, I traded heavily during the financial crisis of 2008 and learned many invaluable lessons as well as gained a much deeper understanding of what drives prices in the market. I studied economics in college which has allowed me to have a deep understanding of what drives prices in the financial markets. I have been involved with various startups ever since graduating college and am now putting my passion for the stock market and startups together to help make TrendSpider the world’s most powerful technical analysis software.

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  • Evidence of this short squeeze can be shown by the fact that the price was able to drop just as quickly as it moved up, proving that the move was was likely due to artificial demand from short sellers having to buy the stock back once they received margin calls on their positions.

    25 March 2021
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