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Meet Jamar “J Haleem” Washington, an author, a member of Phi Beta Sigma, a nationally-published and award-winning corporate and commercial photographer, serial entrepreneur, business coach, motivational speaker, and corporate trainer. He was recently granted a pardon for crimes committed in college by the State of South Carolina with the support of politicians and state notables.

Born and raised in Newark, New Jersey, J Haleem pushed through a tough upbringing to get to college where he struggled to make ends meet. In an effort to secure the basic necessities and stay in school, Mr. Haleem would engage in white-collar crimes and became a convicted felon. This felony did 2 things; 1) It showed the disparities in sentencing between African Americans and their white counterparts for the same crimes. 2) It kept J Haleem from securing a corporate job, even with a college degree.

After years of failing to get a job, J Haleem became an entrepreneur and started his own businesses. His portfolio now includes 3 books, prized and published photography, and his 501c3 organization, I Won’t Starve Academy which provides education and training for entrepreneurs and career development focused on creating successful intrapreneurs. Mr. Washington is also a motivational speaker and corporate trainer, using his own personal experiences to motivate & connect with audiences on a variety of platforms. Everything that he does and says is to TRANSFORM, INSPIRE, and EXPOSE his audience to the reality that they have the power to transition from surviving to thriving.

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    Author (x3) | Corporate Trainer | Entrepreneur