Jameeka Green Aaron

CISO at Auth0
On the record

Jameeka Green Aaron is the Chief Information Security Officer at Auth0. Jameeka has over 20 years of information technology and cyber security experience. She is a versatile leader, successfully leading teams as both a CISO and CIO a cross various industries including; Aerospace and defense, apparel, retail, and manufacturing at both Fortune 100 and privately held companies and many spaces in between.

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  • We’re not just a company that’s selling a product, we’re a company that’s deeply focused on industry challenges, solving those challenges but also creating relationships with the companies that we help support. Right now in the channel, we’re seeing a lot of challenges around identity management, privacy; I think we’re seeing a lot of hacking that comes with compromising credentials, and most of what we do helps to try to solve those problems.

    13 January 2022
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