James Bacon

Director of Outreach & Operations at Edficiency
On the record

James oversees the outreach and operations for Edficiency. He began his career as a middle school math teacher in Arkansas before coaching teachers across the K-12 spectrum in parts of Arkansas, Mississippi, North Carolina, and Louisiana. He then founded and led a Teach For America region in northeastern Louisiana before spending time abroad, where he consulted, taught, and rebuilt schools and homes in Bangladesh, Vietnam, and Nepal, respectively. Upon returning to the US, he worked at Boston Public Schools where he oversaw hiring for the district and participated in various entrepreneurship activities on the side, like the 4.0 Schools Fellowship and Education Startup Weekend.

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  • Joe was solving the problem that schools had regarding flexible scheduling. Years before this, we had talked about the challenges that educators had trying to schedule a block of time where student could go and spend time with teachers.

    13 December 2021
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