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Director of Behavioral Analytics at Neuro-ID
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About James Craddick
James Craddick is the Director of Behavioral Analytics for NeuroID and a veteran of the U.S. Air Force. He has more than 10 years of experience establishing best practices for multi-channel onboarding in the financial services industry. Craddick specializes in providing value to clients by enhancing their fraud detection stack with pre-submit data - in real-time - to help them solve the Digital Identity Crisis.

About NeuroID
NeuroID is solving the global Digital Identity Crisis. The industry-redefining behavioral analytics company applies patented neuroscience technology to measure how familiar users are with their inputted PII before they click ‘submit’ and enter a company’s fraud stack. NeuroID analyzes this pre-submit data in real-time and determines if users are genuine or risky, without adding any friction. This proprietary process enables deep visibility into a user's unique digital interactions and helps optimize identity verification orchestration, yet never collects customer data. NeuroID’s dynamic behavioral intelligence is fully compatible with all anti-fraud software and is endlessly scalable to seamlessly protect against advancing fraud technology. Visit neuro-id.com to learn how fintechs, insurers, ecommerce, traditional banks, and others use ID Crowd Alert™and ID Orchestrator™ to help safeguard their most valuable asset: the customer onboarding funnel.

Brief History of NeuroID
In 2010, the two founders, Dr. Jeff Jenkins and Dr. Joe Valacich, discovered a key link between the nuanced movements and behaviors of digital form interactions and the mindset and intention of the end user. Years of R&D evolved that concept into best-in-class behavioral analytics translating “digital body language” in real time, into meaningful, actionable and predictive metrics. Having captured and translated more than a trillion behavioral data points in commercial production, NeuroID’s technology delivers real-time predictive scores, data attributes for decisioning and predictive modeling, and the industry’s first digital friction index. It leverages nearly a decade of research and patented discovery to monitor, analyze and reveal the state of mind, intent and friction of each customer in real time as they interact with a website, form, or application. This new visibility and actionable insight empowers brands to personalize and enhance the digital customer journey and reduce unnecessary friction.

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