James DiChiaro

Senior Portfolio Manager and co-PM on BNY Mellon Core Plus Fund (DCPIX) at Insight Investment
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Senior Portfolio Manager - Core+/Core/Select Income at Insight Investment. Co-manage core plus, core, and select income strategies within the Insight / Dreyfus platform (NYSE: DCPIX, CPUIX, INSI). My experience includes providing investment management services for various client types including open-end mutual funds, close-end funds, SMA, and other corporate clients. I am a firm believer in the principles of precision and diversification as I construct portfolios on behalf of my clients with an aim for repeatable alpha generation.

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  • The market may lack the patience to see that answer to that finality. The consumer price index could be running north of 3% for the duration of the year, and the market may fear that the Fed may make a sudden reversal on its opinion about inflation. We definitely try to keep in mind the concerns of our investors when we're investing on their behalf. We've begun to lighten on some of our highest-quality investment-grade long-maturity bonds. Those are the bonds that we think will react most negatively to interest rates.

    17 September 2021
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