James Ferrara

Co-Founder & President at InteleTravel
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James Ferrara is an original founder of InteleTravel and a recognized travel industry leader and expert. As president, Ferrara leads a talented team responsible for all areas of travel operations, travel product development, travel partner relationships, and the support, education, and nurturing of travel advisors. He serves on advisory boards for leading travel organizations, including the Cruise Lines International Association, and routinely speaks on technology and trends in travel, the home-based travel agent revolution, and the future of the travel industry across sectors.

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  • "We had two days in March where we broke records for the number of transactions booked in a single day. Our overall business is up 35 percent, not from 2020, which was an aberration, but from 2019, which was the highest year we'd ever had." ~ James Ferrara quoted in The New York Times.

  • "Vaccination is the key to rising consumer confidence in travel. But the science does not support making it a 'silver bullet' as a requirement or protocol for all types of travel." ~ James Ferrara quoted in CNBC Digital.

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