James Globe, CISSP

Vice President - Technology & Innovation at Center for Internet Security
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James is the Vice President of Technology and Innovation at Center for Internet Security. His background includes extensive experience working in engineering leadership positions for top banking and defense contracting companies. James is an out-of-the-box thinker with a proven track record of success managing over 20 million dollars development and operations budgets, recruiting and talent retention strategies, research, and project portfolios.

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  • It's at the top of the list of scams targeted to our senior community. It's where you have a criminal posing as a person of romantic interest to our senior population on various dating sites. Their end goal is to extort money by creating an urgency-type scenario or an emergency-type of scenario or something harmful that will make this senior want to provide some type of financial money, gift card, credit card information of that type. It always comes down to them trying to extort money from the potential victim.

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