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James Hannah is GDIT’s global chief information officer and senior vice president for supply chain. James leads the company’s information technology strategic plan in the areas of enterprise, business application, data centers, wide-area networks and customer service. He also oversees supply chain management, including direct and indirect procurement and sourcing.

James previously served as deputy chief information officer, overseeing the delivery of critical business systems, architecture, engineering and operations for all GDIT corporate IT services. Prior to joining GDIT, he held senior roles in the financial services, healthcare and defense industries.

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  • “The ability to have difficult conversations with your stakeholders to ensure you collectively achieve the outcomes the business requires is essential to the success of the project and the organization,” Hannah says. This goal is reached by creating a team that possesses diverse viewpoints. “If your team consists of people who all think a certain way, you will not get the back-and-forth flow of ideas or conversation that leads to better solutions,” he explains.

    30 March 2022
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