James Polinori

Chief Marketing Officer at Geneva Financial
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Forbes Panel Contributor and Communications Council Member. Chief Marketing Officer at Geneva Financial Home Loans with over 30 years advertising/marketing experience and 13 years in real estate/mortgage sector.

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  • Interest rates affect homebuyer affordability in regard to how much a homebuyer can spend on a home. When interest rates dip, a homebuyer can afford to spend more on a house while keeping the payment lower. The reverse is true as well; higher interest rates decrease the amount that home buyers are able to afford. This means at 4% a homebuyer can afford a $400,000 house, but if rates rise to 5%, the homebuyer can only afford $355,000 to keep the same payment of $1,900 per month. The difference of $45,000 is no small chunk of change.

    30 September 2021
  • Our priorities are and will be our initiators, our operational staff and our consumers as we grow and continue to revolutionize mortgage creation.

    7 July 2021
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