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I grew up in New Zealand on a farm and pioneered drone use by electrical utilities, before landing at MIT where I built a billion-frames-per-second camera for automotive and medical sensing. While introducing robotic charging to electric, autonomous vehicles, I encountered a major barrier to the widespread adoption: EV infrastructure today is scarce and often a poor investment.

I founded Stable to accelerate investments in EV infrastructure by making them predictable and effective, empowering a new market for charging solutions. We aim to make driving an EV possible in every corner of the globe through affordable, convenient infrastructure.

Today, around 10% of publicly-accessible chargers account for almost 90% of use, and many are not profitable. Unlike gasoline, the cost of power can fluctuate by orders of magnitude during the day. The benefits of predicting charger use and optimizing power cost before installation can be tens of millions of dollars for large infrastructure operators, but more accessible charging ultimately benefits consumers and the planet.

When we started Stable, it was not clear that charger use could be predicted. My team of top Energy Modeling, Machine Learning, Big Data, and UX engineers has carefully optimized energy costs, incentives, equipment sizes, and locations to demonstrate for the first time that EV charging can be predicted! We built an Enterprise SaaS platform, powered by comprehensive data and advanced machine learning, that lets customers improve charging revenue BEFORE chargers are installed.

Stable’s investors include Trucks, MIT E14, Ubiquity, and Upside. We are now partnering with major U.S. utilities, consulting firms, and charging operators who recognize the necessity of our technology to spur widespread investments in EV charging build-outs, and ensure their considerable investments advance EV adoption and sustainability goals while delivering convenient and affordable access to EV charging for all.

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