Jamie Webster

Senior Director with BCG's Center for Energy Impact at Boston Consulting Group
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Jamie Webster is a senior director at the BCG Center for Energy Impact.

He is as an expert in energy markets and geopolitics, with a focus on oil market balance evaluation, OPEC analysis, and national energy policies. He is a frequent public speaker on energy issues, is regularly quoted and seen in the press, and has testified multiple times to both houses of the US Congress.

Previously Jamie was a vice president at IHS, where he led the oil markets team.

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  • The Saudi move is making people believe the Russians will come back to the table. There are three ways to solve this and only one of them is quick, and that’s OPEC+ [group of oil-producing countries] is coming back to the table.

    6 April 2020
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  • Boston Consulting Group (https://www.bcg.com/)
    Senior Director with BCG's Center for Energy Impact