Jan Bednar

Founder & CEO at ShipMonk
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Jan Bednar is the Founder and CEO at ShipMonk. Jan founded ShipMonk in 2014 with a vision to change the way SMB and Mid Market ecommerce companies manage their supply chain and ship products to their customers through a game changing supply chain software, automation and exceptional fulfillment solution. His passion for problem solving, operations and technology has enabled him and his team to bootstrap and build ShipMonk into a profitable market leader in the industry and in late 2020 brought on PE Growth Partners in a $355M round.

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  • ShipMonk was founded to alleviate the burden of supply chain management and allow brand owners to focus on the magic of their front-end customer experience. Small and medium-sized brands are working at an incredible pace to keep up with both increased demand and consumers’ service-level expectations. Fulfillment and inventory management technology has quickly become a critical component to ensure seamless delivery. Our solutions can quite literally make the difference between an item arriving on time or behind schedule, and ultimately, the difference between building brand loyalty or losing a valuable customer.

    22 October 2021
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