Jan Gould

CEO and Co-Founder at Responsive Drip Irrigation
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Janice Gould has spent the past fifteen years dedicating her time and passion to irrigation. She has become a strong advocate for water conservation and improving water management and sustainability to preserve the environment and create a liveable planet. Her mission has been to increase food production and save water for our children today and for our children’s children and granchildren. Her main focus has been in developing and distributing a disruptive irrigation technology through her company, Responsive Drip Irrigation, LLC (RDI). Working with the Abu Dhabi Investment Office, she has established RDI’s manufacturing and distribution facility in the Khalifa Industrial Zone Abu Dhabi. Currently, she is collaborating with the Abu Dhabi Agricultural & Food Safety Authority, along with AgTech companies that offer innovative solutions to launch RDI’s Global Sustainability Center in Abu Dhabi, which is focused on the research and development for best practices in agriculture, which will serve as a resource and educational center to lead the way for an agricultural transformation that utilizes the latest AgTech products and regenerative practices to preserve the planet for future generations.

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