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Jane Stoller is a Swiss-Canadian life-biz organizer, speaker, author and university instructor whose passion is in decluttering spaces and organizing business processes. Jane wrote her first book in 2016 to help friends get more organized. It ultimately gained international attention, and this allowed Jane to turn her passion into a profitable business, Organized Jane. Jane's love for organizing began on a small farm in Seeley’s Bay, Ontario, Canada, where she grew up. As a young girl, she was often found happily lining up her cats by size, her stuffed animals by color, and her parent’s books by publication date. Soon, friends began turning to Jane for guidance on how to part with cluttered sentimental items. Stoller’s global reach has helped thousands gain clarity and get organized with her critically acclaimed books, Organizing For Your Lifestyle: Adaptable Inspirations from socks to suitcases and Decluttering for Dummies (Wiley Publishing), and through her Business Booster Course. Stoller and her sought-after decluttering expertise, products and books have been featured on numerous international talk shows, podcasts, and magazines. With a proven track record in both lifestyle and business decluttering, Jane has spent the last decade helping people become better versions of themselves. What makes Jane's organizing approach unique is her holistic method and warm personality. She starts by redefining a client’s home and continues at the office - or vice versa.