Janet Stovall

Sr. Client Strategist at NeuroLeadership Institute
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Janet is a senior client strategist at the NeuroLeadership Institute. She helps some of the world’s leading companies trade subjectivity for science to make diversity, equity and inclusion more brain-friendly, more human—and a lot more effective.

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  • It's different in every organization. Their needs are different. What they're trying to solve for is different.

    30 October 2022
  • Pragmatic diversity accepts that the reasons for diversity in business differ from the reasons for diversity in society overall. Diversity in business is not simply the right thing to do, it is not social work. Pragmatic diversity views difference as a competitive asset to be viewed—and leveraged—as such.

    7 September 2022
  • Only by recognizing inclusion as a dynamic, living process that requires continuous learning and development can we create environments where every team member is empowered to participate and able to belong.

    7 September 2022
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