Jarred Knecht

CEO at Promark
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Jarred is the Chief Executive Officer at Promark. He is a seasoned Executive and Entrepreneur with over 15 years of challenging the status quo. A true passion for building collaborative teams and successful businesses, with a special emphasis on engineering and manufacturing technology based products. Jarred thrives on working closely with customers, solving problems and leading businesses through growth - this is because he loves to listen, learn, and be hands on.

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  • Supporting the supply chain for commercial and industrial EVs is imperative for the environment, economy, and establishing of a hub for manufacturing and innovation in North America. Job creation, and economic growth in the new technology era is at the cornerstone of our nation. Our dedicated EV center of excellence will work with our customers globally to support the electrification of all vehicles, leading the charge into the next generation of clean, sustainable transportation. ProEV has chosen to focus especially on the market segment where electrification will have the most impact on our environment.

    1 June 2022
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