Jasmine Burney

Founder at Equal Ground
On the record

Jasmine Burney-Clark, is a civic engagement professional who has dedicated her personal and professional career to social and electoral justice across the state of Florida. She’s the Founder of Equal Ground Education Fund and Action Fund, a Black-led community centered civic engagement organization prioritizing voter registration, education and turnout.

Most recently she was a Senior Advisor to the NAACP(National) and Executive Director of the Florida 501c3 Civic Engagement Table where she advanced work through three (3) statewide programs: Civic Engagement (voter registration and turnout, issue advocacy, and constituency engagement), Civic Access (voting rights and election administration) and Civic Representation (census, redistricting and “clean elections”). She worked to expand equal access to the ballot box on behalf of the New American Majority.

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  • As the founder of Equal Ground, this work is tied deeply and closely to how I was raised in a gerrymandered district the majority of my life. That defined my political existence. I saw from a young age how it kept my community from having a proper voice. And I saw that affected everything. It meant a lack of opportunity for housing, for community development, for education. It meant more often than not that Black people were laborers in the places they occupied, rather than leaders. It meant that had to change.

    19 October 2021
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