Jason Ioannides

Manager, Solutions Consulting at Alloy and 1 other company
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Manager for the Solutions Consulting (Pre-Sales Engineering) team and Pre-Sales Solutions Consultant for strategic/enterprise-level accounts.

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  • I joined Alloy almost two years ago as one of their first employees. I quickly found that both the culture and industry were a perfect fit for me in supporting what I do best — designing new integrations through code and helping clients throughout the entire customer lifecycle. While I first started off as a senior solutions architect back in April 2019, I’ve since moved to the role of manager of solutions consulting, where I lead our sales engineering team to work with customers and help find the right solution to fit their needs through advanced product knowledge.

    Put simply, our tech helps top banks and fintechs make better identity decisions using a single API and dashboard to manage KYC/AML, fraud, and more. Our platform enables all kinds of financial institutions to better navigate complex processes l that traditionally take up a lot of time. By modernizing these processes, we hope to help make banking more accessible — something I know our founders feel passionately about, especially during a time where millions of Americans are struggling to make digital payments because they don’t have a bank account, credit card, debit card or smartphone.

    7 February 2021
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