Jason Johnson

Chief Information Officer at Sweetwater
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Jason Johnson has a broad range of experience in enterprise network operations and software development. His primary role at Sweetwater is leading our in-house software development, cloud, and network infrastructure teams, who are responsible for continuous delivery and innovation of the IT services required to keep Sweetwater on the cutting edge. Jason joined Sweetwater in early 2013 and spent three years as the IT Operations Manager leading a small team modernizing Sweetwater's network infrastructure before he was promoted to Senior Vice President and ultimately to Chief Information Officer. Previously, Jason spent eight years working for the Department of Defense, focused primarily on network security, and 5 Years serving in the US Navy rated in Information Technology.

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  • Rather than utilizing software to define our business processes, we figure out the best business processes based on feedback from our customers, and build the right tools to reinforce and protect those processes at scale. The competitive advantage to developing custom software is there is a faster turnaround in delivering new features and gaining feedback on them from users. Overall, this provides us with more flexibility and allows us to better personalize our online experience for customers.

    9 June 2021
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