Jason Moser

Senior Analyst and Lead Advisor at The Motley Fool
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Jason Moser has been a senior analyst and lead advisor for The Motley Fool since 2010.

Areas of Expertise
- Consumer Goods
- Media & Entertainment
- Technology
- Kids & Investing

- B.A. Economics, Wofford College

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  • Date: 5/17/23
    Outlet: Newsweek
    Article Title: Will the Stock Market Crash? Three Investors Share Their Predictions
    Quote: Jason Moser, an analyst at The Motley Fool in Virginia, told Newsweek that he is a little more optimistic than the two Sevens Report experts. "I do believe that, as 2023 progresses, we will begin to see the impacts from the Fed's actions take hold. This could very well set the market on a better path for the back half of the year," Moser said. "Assuming we see unemployment start to tick incrementally higher and inflation continue to abate, the Fed will likely pare back on their interest rate hikes. These could ultimately have investors feeling a bit more optimistic regarding stocks going forward with modest performance likely weighted toward the back half of the year." Moser added that there is a wildcard to consider in any prediction about the stock market: the ongoing negotiation over the debt ceiling. "While I am optimistic that both sides will reach an agreement, a default event would likely throw the markets into chaos in the near-term and that downside risk has to be acknowledged," Moser said.

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