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  • I mean, to me, it seems logical. What we're seeing at this point with coronaviruses is ultimately a global slowdown, and it's going to be hard to fully quantify. And I think a lot of companies are really just trying to get a grip on what quarter one is going to look like and what quarter two could potentially look like. So to me, you know that that only makes sense. If the global economy slows down, then that has a material impact on MasterCard's business, because they facilitate the movement of a lot of that money. But it doesn't impact the business itself; it's just a matter of slowing growth versus accelerating growth. And if we hit a period of slowing growth, because of this temporary albeit scary situation, then so be it, but it doesn't change my view on owning the business.

    And this is certainly one where -- you know, Peter Lynch always says, "The best stock to buy is probably one you already own." I think MasterCard falls into that camp. I mean, I think if you saw this company get shellacked on greater market concerns, it's one that I would certainly consider adding to.

    27 February 2020
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