Jason Verlen

Senior Vice President at CCC Intelligent Solutions
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Jason is the Senior Vice President at CCC Intelligent Solutions. CCC is transforming the trillion-dollar automotive and insurance industries through the power and scale of our connected data platform. Jason has extensive experience in the software industry with specific expertise in product management, big data and analytics. Before joining CCC in May 2015, he spent five years at IBM, where he was Vice President of Big Data Analytics.

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  • As of today, roughly 22% of repairable claims go through the process. And we have some carriers on our system where over 70% of their repairable claims go through photo AI. So there’s huge increases and improvements in cycle time. But it’s not like AI solves all the world’s problems. So someone may ask me: ‘Is your AI accurate? Does it match what a human would do?’ My answer is: Which one of those [16] guys do you want me to match. That’s why I say AI is no magical bullet. That’s why we combine AI with build sheet data, with business rules, with insurer guidelines, and that’s how we come up with an estimate that’s reasonable to the situation.

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