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founder and CEO at GoMeyra
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Jaswant S. Tony recently founded GoMeyra, a comprehensive and fully customizable cloud-based laboratory information management solution (LIMS). A visionary leader in the software industry and an expert developer in systems IT technology, Tony developed the GoMeyra software in 2 ½ months during the pandemic, and it’s been in use with labs and medical practices across the country since June. Recognizing the tremendous pressure labs are experiencing to turn around COVID-19 test results, GoMeyra LIMS was specifically designed and developed as a solution to alleviate bottlenecks and increase efficiency challenges inherent in laboratory workflows. Utilized by labs that service Hollywood film & TV studios, major casinos, pro sports franchises and enterprise-level organizations that employ thousands of Americans, GoMeyra LIMS is enabling the public to return to work, school and normal activities quicker than any other lab solution since the start of the pandemic.

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  • “When I created the GoMeyra LIMS after seeing the chaos in labs caused by the pandemic, I re-imagined a system that would change the industry’s antiquated technology infrastructure. Now, I am taking that ingenuity and technological expertise to challenge other sectors of the healthcare system to create more efficient and comprehensive platforms. A next generation health care management platform is the result of me listening to medical practitioners I work with and adapting technology to help make their practices run better,” said GoMeyra Founder and Chief Executive Officer Jaswant S. Tony.

    “Many of our clients need a partner who can help with technology, and since our LIMS technology is more intuitive than anything they have seen in the market, they are looking to us for guidance. When GoMeyra MD is fully integrated, it will offer an array of easy-to-use technical options that will save both time and money,” noted Tony.

    14 October 2021
  • “Even if you’re vaccinated, proof of a negative COVID-19 test may be required as a condition of returning to work, getting on a plane, entering a large-scale event or possibly even at your local bar or restaurant. As a validation system and free, user-friendly app that works on any smartphone, GoMeyra Pass streamlines that process,” said Tony. “GoMeyra is already speeding up COVID-19 testing in labs across the country through our LIMS solution, so GoMeyra Pass is a natural evolution to support people trying to get their lives back to normal.”

    14 October 2021
  • “Most lab systems are not built with advancements in mind. Once they’re established it can be difficult to add new protocols and instruments into the mix. This became even more apparent when COVID-19 hit. We recognized this limitation and built GoMeyra LIMS with the ability to implement additional assay workflows and adapt to new innovations quickly,” said Jaswant S. Tony, founder and Chief Executive Officer for GoMeyra.

    20 October 2020