Jay Bradley

Co-Founder at Whiskey & Wealth Club and 1 other company
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Founder of The Craft Irish Whiskey Co.

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  • I think 2019, was a great year because we have a great team and strong marketing strategy. People have chosen to ditch traditional styles of investment such as property, because of factors like the 2008, financial crash. Unlike other investments - whiskey actually increases in value the older it is which is the opposite of what happens if you invest in something like motors.

    17 October 2020
  • The growing popularity of Irish whiskey has now helped establish it as one of the highest-ranking luxury investment commodities. In 2019 whiskey topped the Knight Frank Luxury Investment Index, only surpassed by art, making investing in casks of Irish whiskey an attractive option, with typical returns ranging from 12 per cent to 20 per cent a year.

    25 August 2020
  • With new markets like Asia, Russia and Africa, Irish whiskey has barely scratched the surface,” says co-founder Jay Bradley. “These emerging markets will see Irish whiskey sales soar far past current predictions. They are already hailing Irish whiskey the new Scotch in China. It's no wonder that The Knight Frank Luxury Investment Index now places whiskey as second only to art as an investment.

    25 August 2020
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